Scholarship Winners ($34,000)

 Nadia Ghani

 Award: $12,000 Four-year scholarship
 School: George Washington
 City: Denver
 Attending: Colorado State University - Ft. Collins
 Probable Major: Business - Accounting/Finance
 Eye Condition: Corneal Opacification

 Samantha Barrasso

 Award: $6,000 Four-year scholarship
 Attending: University of Northern Colorado - Greeley
 City: Greeley
 Probable Major: Vocal Performance
 Eye Condition:  Optic Nerve Colobomas

 Marcus Hernandez

Award: $4,000 two-year scholarship
 AttendingColorado State University - Pueblo
 Probable MajorMasters Degree in Histor
 Eye ConditionRetinitis Pigmentosa


 Justine Aragon

 Award: 4,000 two-year scholarship
 School: Rocky Mountain
 City: Ft. Collins
 Attending: Front Range Community College -
 Probable Major: Education
 Eye Condition: Retinopathy of Prematurity

 Zach Bell

 Award: $4,000 two-year scholarship
 School: Golden High School
 City: Golden
 Attending: Red Rocks Community College - Lakewood, CO
 Probable Major: Engineering
 Eye Condition: Retinitis Pigmentosa

 Karina Duran

 Award: $4,000 two-year scholarship
 School: Skyline
 City: Longmont
 Attending: Mesa State College - Grand Junction, CO
 Probable Major: Nursing
 Eye Condition: Retinoblastoma


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