McKenzie Wallace

 Award: Kane/STF Scholarship - full-ride tuition, books & fees
 High School: Cherry Creek
 City: Centennial
 Attending: CU-Boulder
 Probable Major: English / Education

 Eye Condition: Retinopathy of Prematurity

Sara Robinson

 Award: $6,000 two year scholarship
Recipient of the $1,000 Ashley Fritz Award
 High School: Trinidad
 City: Trinidad
 Attending: Trinidad State Junior College
 Probable Major: Para-Legal

 Eye Condition: Cortical Blindness

Skylar Hoage

 Award: $4,000 two year scholarship
 City: Crawford
 Attending: Colorado School of Healing Arts
 Probable Major: Massage Therapy
 High School: Hotchkiss

 Eye Condition: Retinitis Pigmentosa

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